HGV / LGV, PCV / PSV and CPC Modules



Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and Large Goods Vehicle (LGV)

C1 Licence – the old class 3 (3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes) – ideal for ambulance, horse box and more
Train and test in our C1 prepared Ford Transit van, which is compact and makes negotiating hazards and the test manoeuvres as easy as possible.

C1+E Licence – same as above but with a trailer attached (a max weight of 12 tonnes) – ideal for building contractors
The maximum train weight of both van and trailer should not exceed 12 tonnes.

C Licence – Class 2 rigid lorry (up to 32 tonnes)
This is the first stage of becoming a professional HGV / LGV lorry driver. Train and test in our fully automatic MAN 18 ton truck. It has a shorter than normal wheelbase and reversing cameras fitted, which makes this a decent training / test vehicle.

C+E Licence – articulated lorry, which also includes wagon and drag (drawbar combinations)
This licence enables you to drive the conventional semi and trailer articulated combination or the drawbar and trailer combination (wagon and drag). Train and test in our fully automatic drawbar and trailer combination with reversing cameras.

Simply couple up to the trailer using the same MAN rigid truck you trained and tested in for your category C Licence. Again, thanks to the shorter than normal wheelbase, the turning point with the trailer is easier to master. Once your test is passed in this wagon and drag combination a one-day training course can be arranged to show you the difference between a conventional semi and articulated combination.

Refresher courses (familiarisation for existing vocational licence holders)
If you passed your test a number of years ago or perhaps, outside of the UK, a refresher course is highly beneficial. These are particularly helpful for inexperienced or nervous drivers who want to regain confidence for a new job or to feel more at ease on the roads. We can help with a four-hour training day in any of our vehicles to refine your driving skills. This will ensure you are brought up to speed and prepared for any new driving task.

Courses available with Shaws Driver Training

Car and Trailer (Cat B+E) Training

The car and trailer training and qualification (B+E), is what anyone wanting to tow a medium size trailer and car/ van combination weighing over 3500 kg and up to 7,000kg needs to have.

This qualification was given as an acquired right for anyone that passed their car (cat b) licence before January 1997. This enabled drivers under the acquired rights to drive a max combined weight of 8,250kg and a D1 minibus with a trailer over 750kg.

So anyone passing their car test after 1997 will only have the car (cat b) category. This limits you to a maximum combined gross train weight of 3,500kg.

Once you have gained your Cat B+E licence with us you will be able to tow a medium-sized trailer/ caravan or horsebox. With a Maximum combined train weight of 7,000kg.

This category is ideal for work if you are in the Construction trade towing mini diggers, the machinery behind a van or 4×4.

Car transportation, Equine Industry with towing a single horsebox trailer. Or for pleasure towing that holiday caravan or boat.

For the larger size of vehicle and trailer we also offer the C1 and C1+E training course, giving you the maximum train weight of 12,000kg. See our C1 and C1+E section for details and prices.

The training will cover all of the individual Test Day processes that include :

  • Show me tell me questions
  • Eyesight Test
  • Off-Road Reversing Exercise
  • Uncoupling and Re Coupling the trailer.
  • On the road driving standards test.

This will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to tow a trailer on the road. Plus have the know-how to safely reverse and uncouple and recouple the trailer back up.


Courses available with Shaws Driver Training

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) and Public Service Vehicle (PSV)

These fall under the Category D licence, which are broken down into four types.

D1 Licence – minibus nine passenger seats to 16 passenger seats
Also allows a trailer of up to a maximum weight of 750kg. Train and test in one of our Ford Transit minibuses, which has great visibility – making it suitable for training / test vehicle to gain your D1 licence.

D1+E Licence – minibuses with an excess trailer weight of 750kg
Suitable for D1 category minibuses with a trailer weight above 750kg. The MAM of both must not exceed 12,000kg.

D Licence – buses with more than eight passenger seats

Allows a trailer with a maximum weight of 750kg.

D+E Licence – any D category vehicle with trailer
Allows you to drive any bus or coach in the UK with a trailer weight of more than 750kg.


Customer Note: We do have a minimum age restriction on our Driver Training Vehicles (due to vehicle insurance) of over 21 years of age.


Driver CPC Module 4
The Initial Driver CPC Module 4 training course is delivered by one of our DVSA qualified instructors. You can also complete the CPC Module 4 qualification with our own fully qualified Module 4 assessor who can conduct the test at a time to suit. This includes weekends at our Shrewsbury base. The Module 4 can only be taken once the Case Studies Module 2 has been successfully completed.

Driver CPC PERIODIC Training Courses
We are proud members of the Prestigious RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium. Offering Driver CPC Periodic Training for both LGV and PCV drivers.

We will be running Driver CPC Training Open courses throughout the year at one of our Approved Training Centres in Telford or Shrewsbury.

Both single day courses (mainly on Saturdays 7.30am till 15.30) and full five day courses, allowing you to complete 35 hours of training in one go.

We will  be offering a discounted daily rate for bulk bookings from one company, available in-house at your premises or at one of our Approved  Training Centers. Also companies can book an Exclusive day at one of our Training Centers or In house at their own Business Premises.

We will also able to offer tailor made modules created to better reflect the Industry of your particular business. You’ll have the  option to choose from over 135 individual modules, giving variety and increased value to your business.

With our innovate ways of presenting the modules, we will deliver educational, fun, fully compliant, and engaging content.


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 All of our Classroom Courses for CPC Training are suspended until further notice. 


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Successful Learners

Just want to say thank you for teaching me and getting through my class C last week, really enjoyed the course. Still can’t believe I passed first time.
-Warren Jones

Passed my CPC Mod 4. Great instructors would definitely recommend Steven and his team!
-Adam Bacon

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ARE YOU A NEW VOCATIONAL DRIVER ? OR AN EXISTING DRIVER THAT STILL NEEDS TO GET ALL 5 DAYS COMPLETED ASAP OR BEFORE THE SEPT DEADLINE ?? We have the answer for you with up to 20 places available on each date we will be running Weekday block courses. 

Soon to be announced, the dates we are going to be running weekday (5 day) courses. Will be announced on here for the weeks that we are going to be running 5 day courses in Telford and Shrewsbury. 



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