There is a lot of the usual driver confusion/comments online with the Mon Sept 9th Driver CPC deadline fast approaching. The government facts are as below:

As long as you have completed all five of your seven-hour Driver CPC Training days before your card expiry date (the majority of long term professional drivers will be in sync with the five year anniversary of Mon 9th Sept this year). Then you are completely legal to drive whilst awaiting your new DQC to arrive in the post.

For all of the drivers that attended our latest course this week, we issued you with our company letter stating you have attended our 5 day Driver CPC Course with the dates completed. So whilst you are awaiting your new card arrival you have this document to produce and we will gladly verify this and your course completion to any Company Owner/TM or DVSA/VOSA official. This document was issued after we consulted with DVSA and our Consortium holder RTITB before offering this last week’s CPC Course. Making sure we were completely legal and compliant helping to keep drivers on the road after the Sept 9th deadline.

However, as per many regulations/rules, it may still be a company policy that states if a driver does NOT have on their person their in date DQC then sorry, no driving until it can be produced. Their company, their trucks, their rules, their company policies. Sorry, cannot help there as we have all had the five years to get the five days completed.

There are now many more new professional drivers that are out of sync in the expiry dates for their own DQC card. As it is all calculated individually for when they were first issued their card DQC, passing the initial Mod 2/Mod 4 route of entry or attending their first 5 days of periodic training.

Hope this will help to clear up some of the confusion out there.

Happy trucking everyone!

Steve 👍.🚛🚛