ALLOW EXTRA TIME for not only your regular journey to work or the school run but for also preparing the car.

Severe winter weather conditions can be both frightening and dangerous. Ask yourself is your journey absolutely necessary?

If yes then preparation of your vehicle and yourself is essential.

Make sure your car tyres are in good condition and inflated to correct pressures.

Never warm up your car in an enclosed area like the garage as exhaust fumes building up are very dangerous.

Never leave the car engine running to warm it up and go back inside the house, opportunist thieves are never far away.

Clear any snow off the car even on the roof as this now illegal as could fly off covering your view or harm/damage pedestrians or other road users. Make sure windscreen and all windows are fully defrosted before leaving.

Make sure the screenwash bottle is topped up with an high strength of screenwash to help to stop your washers from freezing up. Keep windscreen and all glass clear and clean.

Bright winter sun is low in sky and can be very dazzling so keep those sun glasses handy in the car.

Keep the windscreen wipers in good condition and clean with vinegar on a cloth to prevent smearing. Bottle of water and rag can be used when stationery to clean dirty windscreen if washers are frozen. Keep some glass cleaner and rags in car for same reason also.

Tips for driving in heavy snow and Ice

Remember your stopping distances will increase by up to ten times , the two second rule for following vehicles should be increased to suit.

Look a lot further ahead in case of Hazards that could be coming up and slowing traffic…give yourself MORE THINKING AND REACTION TIME.

Select a gear higher than normal to pull away trying to be more sensitive, and ease your foot off the clutch gently to try to avoid spinning wheels. Try to move up to higher gears as soon as you can.

Try not to brake heavily as this could lock up the wheels and cause a skid…better to ease off the throttle earlier and use the gears to gradually slow the car without braking harshly.

If visibility reduces to below 100 meters in heavy snow fall put your fog lights on.

When approaching a bend slow down a lot earlier than usual . On a blind bend always think What If? You do not know what might be stopped around that bend or on your side of the road.

Always have extra coats, shovel , woolly hats, sleeping bag in the boot just in case, phone charger, water, chocolate. JUST IN CASE..

Drive Carefully and stay focused and alert.

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